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We prepare international art students
for UK art education - 2025
We support international art students to gain entry in to top UK Universities
We mentor students to prepare a quality art portfolio for successful UK art applications
We tutor international students to develop inspiring creative projects for their portfolio
We support international students to be confident starting UK art education

We help international students learn the English they need for an art and design course in the UK

Artway specialises in supporting international students to prepare and apply for top art and design courses in the UK.

Artway is dedicated to assisting international students with their preparation to apply for any Foundation Art, BA, Masters Degree or PHD art or design course at top universities and art colleges in the UK.

Through our research and conversations with international students currently enrolled in creative courses in the UK, we’ve identified that many students from Asia and Africa feel uncertain about their preparedness for applying to UK art or design courses due to differences in educational backgrounds. At Artway, we’re dedicated to bridging this gap by offering personalised support to ensure every student feels confident and well-prepared to apply to any UK art and design courses.

Whether you’re starting your artistic journey, eager to develop your creative skills, or in need of expert guidance creating a standout application portfolio, Artway can support you every step of the way towards gaining a place on to your desired art course in the UK.

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Artway specialises in supporting international students to prepare and apply for art courses at top UK universities.


Artway is an independent organisation of highly experienced UK-based art, design, media and academic english educators.


We recognise that academic qualifications are only part of what is necessary for studying art at university in the UK.  Our aim is to offer a confidence boosting learning experience that will support international students to gain a place at the university of their choice and prepare for the challenges of art degree study in The UK. 

How Artway Can Help You

We offer a range of online support, from individual programmes designed just for you to subject-specific short courses and workshops for small groups

Portfolio Preparation

  • Create engaging projects for your portfolio
  • Develop a high quality art portfolio
  • Portfolio review and feedback
  • Creative Skills Tuition

    Explore art and media practices to develop the range of creative skills at the level you need to apply for the art or design course you want to study in the UK.

    English for Art

    Working in English on a one to one basis with a specialist dedicated tutor, we can help you to feel more confident in expressing critical and reflective thinking, presenting your creative ideas and processes to an audience and participating in discussion groups.

    Bespoke One-to-One Programmes

    Live online tutorial support that will fully prepare you to take your next steps into UK art education:

  • We explore your ambitions and assess your requirements
  • We design and deliver a tailored plan to help you to create your portfolio
  • Help you to choose the right UK course in the right place for you
  • Guide you through the application process for art foundation or any visual arts, design, media and architecture higher education courses at leading art colleges and universities in the UK
  • Help you to prepare to live and study successfully in the UK
  • Choosing your University or College Art or Design Course

    With our extensive knowledge and experience of UK art and design courses, universities and colleges, we can help you:

  • Choose the right course and location to suit you
  • Guide you through the application process with UCAS or by direct entry
  • Preparing for Life & Studies in the UK

    The transition into UK study is not always easy. Many international students feel challenged by an unfamiliar educational system, cultural differences, and working in a different language.

    We will help you prepare for your studies and for your new life as a student in the UK.

    Art Portfolio
    Preparation Course


    Artway tutors Wendy Pye and Dagmara Rudkin will take you through the process of preparing and presenting your portfolio to support your application to any UK art or design course.



    Starts 12th October 2024 | Saturdays
    Online 5 week live course 
    10-12 pm (GMT)

    5 Things to consider before applying for a creative course in the UK

    Artway Director, Wendy Pye, explains what you need to do to prepare for and apply to top UK universities such as University of the Arts London, Goldsmiths - University of London, The Royal College of Art, and Glasgow School of Art.

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    Quotes from our research with current international students studying a creative course in the UK

    The art and design classes at school, I feel was way too academic. It was for the purpose of getting a certain grade, rather than preparing me for my future university career. It was mostly things like analysing artworks or talking about what other artists have been doing, but not much of what we have to do to apply and not much support preparing a portfolio and information about working in the industry or anything like that
    UAL Art Foundation International Student

    My portfolio was huge. I shouldn't have submitted something so big. So I think to have had advice on what to put in could really help people. It would be good to get a portfolio review before you actually submit the work
    BA Visual Communication International Student
    Leeds College of Arts

    Smiling young female painter painting in her studio. Selective focus and small depth of field.